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5 years ago, the first god emerged in the slums of Africa.

A small boy approached the god and offered the only water he had.

The god was so touched that he made the small child his disciple.

The first contract between a man and god was made.

Now the gods have multiplied into millions, and we live in a god driven society.

Year 2054, Month 5, Day 28
10 days before high school graduation

My life is already over.

If there were one thing I had to blame, then it would be debt.

“What makes you think you can make money without a God contract? Your whole family is already 500,000$ in debt. Why go out and get more student debt?”

That was the answer given when I asked my new dad which college I should go to.

If only thoughts could kill.

“What will your mom think about this?”

“Which mother,” I replied, “There are 6 people I can call mother. At least two have sat on your lap.”

This gave him a slight temper.

“I’m talking about your mother.”

It wasn’t enough for my dad to have a string of lovers, but to also have a child from each one; well, that was inexcusably the worst.

My father may be fine, but in the position of the child, I want to kill myself.

Even after the age of fifty, the people I could call mom continued to multiply. My father was consistently indecisive and never made a choice.

The debt that accumulated from all of the “runaway vacations” and the basic needs of 7 children soon became something a lot more than a small mortgage.

Do you understand how it feels to save every penny throughout your childhood and your parents still go on trips around the world?

My impression of my father was the worst. The chances of a compliment about my father coming out of my mouth would be asking for the impossible.

Let me correct myself.

I have no taste in insulting a dead person.

Year 2054, Month 8, Day 16
Graze College Dorm

“I am done………”

After sorting out my boxes and furniture in my college dorm, I lied on my bed.

“I am leaving for college. Give up on the inheritance. Sell this house.” On the day I graduated, I told my mothers I was leaving for college instead of paying off the mortgage of the house.

Sadly they are very arrogant people. They could not let go of their ‘rich’ lifestyle; wanted me to work for a family friend until I paid my part for the mortgage. That would take 4 years, of course, I rejected them.

‘I’m never contacting you again!’


A smile of satisfaction floated on my face.

“Okay. I’ve dealt with everything. I’m truly free now!”

Father, thank you for dying.

This honest feeling is undoubtedly immoral. It shakes my conscience only by a smidge if at all. If you consider the extensive amount of waste that my father left behind on my life, then the small amount of guilt seems to have vanished on its own.

All things considered, I’ve already won the game of life.

My bank account has a large sum of 50$. It was significant to me considering the debt placed on my mothers. I’m an optimistic human.

I came to the conclusion; This world is painful.

Global warming spiked since five years ago, China will grasp capital over the entire world, Ariana Grande will receive the Nobel Prize in literature, half of the world died ever since the gods have descended, and in 100 years you’ll be dead, I’ll be gone, we’ll all be gone.

This is the truth.

If you’re done being sad, then drink a beer.

To celebrate my new life, I went to the convenience store and bought enough instant ramen for 3 weeks.

I walked up to the cashier to order this massive amount of food and opened my wallet. Empty. It looks like I have to make a quick stop to the bank. 

So what if I am miserable.

This is just to celebrate my new life.


‘Whatever you choose.’

‘you must be better than me.’

I wonder if it was because of my bank account.

I recalled something unpleasant.

A kind of trauma.

I enter the bank towards the nearest ATM. As I was taking out 25$, Smoke started to rise from all of the ATMs. The smell of sulfur hit me in the face.

“Don’t make a sound.”

I turn around to see a man in a mickey mouse mask, pointing his gun at me.

(Artwork here)

“Now give me your phone and sit in the corner.” (give him a British accent.)

Silently I comply.

Carefully looking around myself, I see 4 other men wearing masks. 3 security guards had holes in their chests and were bleeding out on the floor.

A loud siren rang in my head. My conscience instantly went cold.

‘Do not scream,’ that’ll only irritate the kidnappers.

‘Talk to yourself quietly,’ you can confirm your situation this way.

Behavior procedures prepared like a manual.

“…..I was withdrawing money from the bank… one of the robbers must have created the smoke as cover….then a man with a British accent told me to sit in the corner….their target is not me but the bank……..”

15 other people and I were put in the back right corner behind the receptionist desk. 8 civilians, 3 civil servants, 4 employees.

I can only hear the sound of papers flying. They must have someone who can silence the whole crew.

*Bang Bang* (Stylized)

Gunshots rang out.

3 of the robbers hasten through the door. An old woman and a small girl were held by both robbers. I take a quick glance at the remaining robber, and we lock eyes. Oh no.

He grabs my shirt and twists my arm behind my back.

“Now you are going to stay nice and quiet, ya hear?”

I slowly nod for the man. He slowly escorts me to the center of the bank.

Now that he brought himself closer, I could smell hits of brandy and whiskey. Regularly people would drink heavily if they planned to get hurt, but he seemed to be as sober as me.

One of the armed men shouted in the empty room, “We have three hostages with guns pointed to their heads and 12 more in the back. Get out of the shadows, and we won’t hurt them!”




One of the men hit me. “Next time, I shoot.”


This man is an absolute madman.



Grey matter flies all over the wall; my hands start to tremor; The sound came from 5 feet to my right.


Bang Bang Bang

The three men were shot in the head in synchronization.

Policemen rush into the bank with gas masks. It looks like the police force are prepared to deal with these kinds of people.

Smoke blasts behind me, the same man from earlier create a cover for the rest of the robbers.

I take that back, the police force prepared for some people.

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